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Information ab Internet on iPad2 in France

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Hi, I am very sorry but my french is terrible and it is better I don't use it :-)


I would like to ask somebody in this nice forum to get some help and indications.


I'll come to France in a couple of weeks for about a week and I'll be back to France again for a week each time and for some months.


I have to stay in country places so I don't believe I'll have internet hot spots avaible.


Is there any pre-paid microsim from SFR/Orange/etc.... I can buy as I'll arrive in France and they do not cost a fortune? Can you suggest me any solutions?


Thnks very much and sorry again for writing not in French.

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Yes, you can get from SFR a pre-paid "Pass internet" for your iPad provided it's a 3G one.

As per their brochure cost is 3 euros for 3 days with the possibility to renew it on line (of course with the full support of your credit card :) )


Here is the link to their webpage (in french of course)|8951|offres%20iPad||S|b|6801185960


Same service is available with Orange at a cost more or less the same.


However there is a lot of public and private places where you can have free wifi hot spots (McDonald is an example)


Should you need any more details, just post it. I will investigate a bit more


All best

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Thnks Phil, very nice from you. The hot spot matter depends from the places. As this is the first time I go there I am not able to understand if I have some opportunity or not (as I mention before I have to go in some country villages).


Any way I noted everything from your msg and as I arrive in France I will go to an SFR point to take this "pass internet" (I think the one week long one it is perfect for my need).


Thnks a lot again :-)

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